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About Kingston ICSE School @ Vellore

Kingston School follows the ICSE curriculum and strives to provide extended learning opportunities to all students by continuously working towards preparing them to achieve very high standards in both the formal curriculum and extracurricular activities.

Our Curriculum is creative and stimulating with equal emphasis on academics and beyond-the-classroom activities through a wide range of opportunities. The school’s guiding statements and values-based learning form a solid foundation that cherishes one’s own culture while at the same time respecting that of others.

We instill in our students the following skills

Co-Curricular Activities

The school has provisions for numerous co-curricular and sports activities including karate, yoga, zumba, physical education, etc, that contribute to the overall growth of the student.

Leadership Skills

Providing opportunities for students to show their leadership skills by appointing them as captains, head boy, head girl, etc.

Language Skills

Strengthening the students writing, comprehension, speaking, and listening skills.

Communication Skills

The school holds regular debates, ad jams, group discussions, to ensure that the students develop public speaking and communication skills.

Why Kingston ICSE ?

  • 1Practical Learning Excellence

    Kingston ICSE School upholds the formal tradition of rigorous practical learning, ensuring that students not only grasp theoretical concepts but also acquire the ability to apply them in real-world scenarios.

  • 2Language Proficiency: A Strategic Focus

    The ICSE curriculum places a distinct emphasis on language skills, particularly in English. Recognizing the paramount importance of effective communication in today's globalized world, we strive to enhance students' language proficiency. This focus on English language skills differentiates ICSE from other curricula.

  • 3Global Recognition and Opportunities

    Beyond borders, the ICSE curriculum holds global recognition, providing students with opportunities for higher education both in India and abroad. ICSE certificates are preferred by foreign schools and universities, offering our students a valuable advantage in international admissions.

  • 4Proven Excellence in Preparation

    Our track record speaks volumes. The ICSE curriculum has consistently prepared students for higher education, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to excel academically. Renowned institutions in India and worldwide readily recognize and accept ICSE certificates.

  • 5Well-Rounded Education Beyond Boundaries

    At Kingston ICSE School, we take pride in offering more than just textbooks and exams. Our commitment to practical learning, emphasis on language skills, and global recognition make us the preferred choice for students seeking a comprehensive and internationally recognized education.

  • 6Your Journey Begins Here

    Embark on a journey of academic excellence, personal growth, and global opportunities at Kingston ICSE School. Join us as we pave the way for a well-rounded education that extends beyond traditional boundaries. Your future, globally recognized and nurtured with practical wisdom, awaits at Kingston ICSE School.

Meet our Management

We are a team of deeply passionate educational professionals

D.M. Kathir Anand


At Kingston ICSE, we aim to provide quality education to bring out the country from the eclipse of illiteracy by providing more opportunities for the underprivileged. Furthermore, our mission is to provide an excellent academic environment allowing our students to enjoy first-class education and social experience that encourages them to develop important skills such as leadership, confidence, self-motivation, research, problem-solving, and most importantly, independent and innovative thinking.

D.M. Kathir Anand
Sangeetha Kathir Anand


Education must enable us to find a purpose. Ideally we get educated to transform us from the ordinary unaware state of being, to a enlightened state of being. Education is not just a matter of the quantity of knowledge and skills but it involves being able to deeply touch and discover the core of who we are. It involves discovering our identity, our purpose, our passion. It should set us on a path to living life with meaning. At Kingston ICSE we personalize education, empower and support teachers so that we all can embrace the unique gifts of each person.

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